Can I do sports with a prosthesis?

Yes, of course, with our glues, all verified and hypoallergenic, you can swim, play soccer, have a sportive and active life.

Can I do sports with a prosthesis?In intimate situations will we sense it to the touch?

No, it will be like to get back your hair. Our bases are totally not perceptible to the touch, so you can have a fulfilling intimate and serene life

Will I feel it like a foreign body?

In the moment you wear your prosthesis, the breathability will be total, so you will completely forget that they are not you hair. You’ll not feel anything strange, you’ll have that so desired hair.

Can I comb my hair the way I want?

With a prosthesis in Lace or in thin Skin by Newlacecu you can comb the hair the way you want, with all the modern and fashionable haircuts.

The glues that you sell to anchor the system on the skin are dangerous to health?

Absolutely not, our glues are approved for human use and hypoallergenic, so all completely safe.

I have alopecia universalis, is there a solution for me too?

Of course, our implants are good for androgenetic alopecia but also total and then made to cover the whole head in cases of alopecia universalis, and the results are great and very natural.

I do not dare to shave in the area of alopecia because there I still have a lot of hair, there is a solution for me?

Yes, of course there is, and it’s called microline. It’s a prosthesis that will allow you to not shave the hair and mix them with yours, one of the system more sold by Newlacecu for women who do not want to shave the hair.

Can I wash my hair

Yes, you can have a shower, go swimming or to the beach with no problem, and if you use our products for the care of hair, you will have a more shiny and beautiful hair.

Are the hairs good? I ask becouse those of my current seller do not last long

Our hairs are the best on the market, all with cuticle, which allows a long duration and great quality, with verified European origin.

Is the work of insertion in the base of the hair good?

Is the best in the world, no other seller can do a better job than our own, we have a continuous update and the best workmen in the market, all with annual experience in this work.

Why do you have the lowest prices of all?

Because we are manufacturers, not retailers, and because unlike everyone else we work with low margins to ensure the customer the best price in the world.

Are your hair prosthesis the best?

Yes, they are. We are sure of this, we have the best hair prosthesis in the world, in quality of the bases, of work and of the hair. Try it and note by yourself the difference from all the other companies, even compared to those that cost 30 times more than us. Our systems are the bests of modern trichological system.

Do i have to make a mold of the area of alopecia, or can i just send my measurements

This is your own personal choice, for total prosthesis we recommend you to send only the measures, also for a partial system. If you are hurry, you can simply send us the measurements and the design of the front that you want, or you can make the mold, which is easy to do and you can find on our website explaining how to build it.

How do i choose the appropriate colour to mine?

By sending a lock of hair or looking for the number of colour similar to yours in our colour ring, nothing could be easier.

Is it better to exceed on the density of the prosthesis or not?

We always recommend to start by steps, and never to take as a first prosthesis, one with high density.

At how many centimeters should i position the front of the prosthesis?

You have to put where was your natural growth, usually 4 fingers from the eyebrows.

What is front graduation?

It’s the area of the graded frontal, means with less density. If you request you will have less density and therefore a frontal-proof any look.

What is the ‘Lace’?

Lace is a prosthesis in tulle that allows a total breathability and a perfectly natural frontal, it is the top of the prosthesis of new generation.

What is the ‘Skin’?

The skin is a prosthesis made of polyurethane, easy to clean, and that is divided into very thin, thin, medium or thick.
In Newlacecu we have the very thin Skin, the first prosthesis in Skin in the world that allows a totally not perceptible frontal.

Can i colour the hairs of the prosthesis?

Sure, they are hairs with cuticle, you can colour them as you like.

What is a prosthesis Stock?

The prosthesis Stock is a prosthesis ready to be sent with fixed sized, that can be cut and excellent for people who are in urgent need to have a prosthesis.

What is a hair prosthesis Custom?

It’s a prosthesis built on request and measures indicated by custom. The production time is about 30 days.

How many prosthesis should i have to be surre?

Prosthesis isn’t a jeans, if you are a wearer you can’t go out without a prosthesis, so we always recommend to have more prosthesis for emergency cases. We recommend you to alternate two prosthesis in use and have at least two prosthesis ready.

How often should i take off my prosthesis to clean it?

With our adhesives the prosthesis can remain attached for long periods, but we recommend you to do the cleaning of the skin and the base every 10 days.

Can i cover also burns or strange alopecia with a prosthesis?

Sure, we can give to our hair systems all necessary forms to cover burns or other aesthetic pathologies.

I do not have eyebrows, do you have a solution to this aesthetic problem that has literally changed the physiohnomy of my face?

Yes, we have prosthesis totally invisible for eyebrows too, they are excellent and of long duration.

How long does your prothesis?

It depends on the basis and origin of the hair that you choose, but usually three times higher than similar systems of other companies.

Why should i order from your rather than from others?

Because we ensure the best product, the best price, the best service.
Because we are manufacturers, we have thousands of happy customers and we are honest people and workers.

This is not a business, we are people with alopecia universalis and live this work as a mission, we know what you feel to not have hair and we want to make you happy and not to earn money from your suffering.

How the system will react when it is windy?

There is no need to stress: your hair replacement will not fly away as you are not dealing with toupees. Systems have strong hypoallergenic adhesives allowing you to lead a normal lifestyle. You will be able to practise all kind of sport.

How will you guess my hair colour in order to create a perfect matching?

If we talk about total cover plus systems there is no problem, because an integration with your original hair is not needed.

Whereas in partial ones colour is crucial. Clients will be asked to send a lock of hair or if they come to the store they will have the possibility to choose the number matching their colour.

How can I measure my baldness?

In case of total cover plus systems, measurements will be taken with the aid of a yardstick. A particular attention will be paid to circumference.

In case of partial ones either you send your tracing to the producer or you measure the area affected by alopecia.

What is the difference between a stock system and a custom one?

Stock system is already done and it can be sent immediately.

As to custom system you have to create it, respecting client’s order form. It can take up to 2 months to be fabricated.

Will the front be natural?

If we talk about new gen systems the answer is yes but only if they are well placed.

Will they realise I’m wearing a system during my sexual performance?

Just fix it well with lace and nobody will notice it.

I do not want to talk about my systems to my partner. Am I able to keep my secret?

What we recommend you is to come clean with her. Tell you secret. This will have a positive impact on your relationship.

When will it be ready?

If you choose a stock one it will be sent immediately. In a case of a custom one it will take time because of the creation process.

How many systems do I need?

At least two. In case you ruin your hair replacement, then you can wear the another one.

What are the best? Indian or Italian hair? What are the differences?

The best are the European Italian hair. Moreover they are thinner, softer and long-lasting. Notwithstanding they are quite expensive

What will it happen to your natural hair?

Hair follicles will not die so there is no need to worry.

How will I explain my sudden hair growth?

Try to draw people’s attention to the rest of your body and they will not notice you are wearing a system. Most important thing of all: do not care what others think of you.

How long will a non surgical thickening last?

It can last up to one month but we recommend you to change it every 15 days in order to keep your skin healthy and your systems perfect.

How long will a hair systems last?

It depends on several circumstances: base, adhesive, body sweat and the use you make of it.

Other questions need an answer but that is all for today.

We will be waiting for you to read our next articles so keep checking out our blog.

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