Hair Extensions

Now fall in love with your hair!

Love long hair?

Or love the hair and hairstyle of your favourite celebrity?

Or just want to have different hairstyles for different occasions?

Well, no matter what you are looking for, neither you need to wait for years to grow your hair long nor you need to visit the salon on a regular basis to change your hairstyle. Hair extensions are the best and a cost-effective solution to get your dream come true.

Style them as you want!

The main thing you are going to like about hair extensions is that you can style them the way you want just like human hair. You can straighten them, curl them and can use the hair styling tools without any issue. Also, you can mix these extensions to create a unique hairstyle.

Made from the natural hair

Extensions available at NewLacecu are made from natural and highest quality Indian and European hair. So, you don’t need to worry about damaging them as long as you maintain them like natural hair.

Easy to wear

Our extensions come with adhesives, extension cortina, clips, keratin micro rings. All of these are easy to attach and detach.