Hair Maintenance Products

Whether it is the hair extensions, wigs, hair prosthesis or any other kind of hair replacement, it gets damaged with the time if not properly managed and taken care of. And in the majority of the cases, the hair remain in good condition whereas the tapes or glue of these products gets damaged.

The good thing is you can fix these products without any need of buying new ones and thus, save your money. NewLacecu provides you with a wide range of hair maintenance products which include but are not limited to:

 Eyebrow system for alopecia universalis
 Water resistant glue
 Low profile super tape
 Super strong tape
 Tape for lace front
 And a lot more

We care for your hair the way you do. We know how stressful it is to deal with hair problems. So, we aim at enabling you to ensure the best possible hair care. That’s the reason we put full emphasis on the quality of hair products we sell. No matter you need a hair care item for occasional use or for daily purpose, you can rely on our products for quality, durability and affordability of the hair care products.

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